Aviax® Plus Update

Withdrawal period reduced to 1 day

Aviax® Plus is a granulated blend of 30 grams Semduramicin and 80 grams Nicarbazin per kg of finished product.

The combination of Semduramicin (an ionophore) and Nicarbazin (a chemical) ensures good efficacy against all major Eimeria strains of importance in poultry, while still offering a very good safety profile.

When Nicarbazin is fed in combination with Semduramicin there is a synergistic increase in efficacy. This means that the total activity of the two actives is greater than the sum of the individual components. Both active ingredients affect energy metabolism in the parasite and it is thought that the dual effect on this metabolism produces the synergistic response.

Aviax® Plus Withdrawal period reduced to 1 day

The fact that Aviax® Plus is granulated, adds not only to the level of efficacy of the product due to the ideal ratio of actives being maintained, but also improves the level of safety in the feed mill by limiting the potential for carryover to subsequent batches of feed.

Aviax® Plus was registered with a 10 day withdrawal period until the end of 2014. The withdrawal period was based on tissue residue studies that were done during the development phase of the product and the Codex Alimentarius allocated Maximum Residue levels (MRL) for the active ingredients that were relevant at the time. The MRL for Semduramicin allowed for a zero day withdrawal period, but the Nicarbazin MRL required a 10 day withdrawal based on the tested tissue levels.

In 2010 Phibro Animal Health requested the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to review the MRL for Nicarbazin. The EFSA review concluded in its opinion of 10 March 2010 that Nicarbazin does not have adverse effect on animal health, consumer health or the environment. The EFSA, therefore, agreed to allow for higher MRL levels for Nicarbazin in Poultry meat. The new MRL has now also been accepted by The Registrar of Act 36 in South Africa.

In line with these new MRL levels and the tissue residue studies, the Registrar of Act 36 (1947) has approved a new withdrawal period for Aviax® Plus of One Day for all poultry meat, even at the highest recommended inclusion level of 600 grams per ton of feed

This means that Aviax® Plus can now be used, not only as part of a shuttle program with an ionophore, but also on its own for the whole cycle as part of a rotation program for effective Coccidiosis control.

Aviax® Plus Reg. no. G3693 (Act 36/1947). Composition: Semduramicin 30 g/kg. Nicarbazin 80 g/kg

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